garden_cleaningIf you have a garden, which needs cleaning and getting rid of the overgrown or unwanted trees, shrubs, herbs and plants, you can use our garden cleaning services. Our garden cleaners will gather and throw away the rubbish, fallen branches, leaves and leftovers from your garden. All wastes will be disposed properly. With our help, you can have the jungle in your yard turned into a nice and clean green space, which you can use for whatever purpose you have decided. Order our affordable garden cleaning services, provided in London seven days in the week.

Professional Garden Cleaning

Our staff will take care of the unwanted plants, cutting and removing them. All hedges and bushes will be trimmed, the trees’ crowns will be shaped, the plant you don’t need, will be removed from your garden. The rubbish in your will be gathered in one place and thrown in the proper places. Your patio, driveway and paths will be cleared. Our garden cleaning staff can turn every unmaintained and neglected garden and green space into perfectly clean and nice outdoor space.

The professional garden cleaning, which we offer, includes:

  • Killing and removing weeds from your garden
  • Gathering and throwing fallen branches, leaves, rocks and wastes
  • Hedge and shrub trimming
  • Cutting down and moving unwanted or dead trees and bushes from your garden
  • Clearing driveway, paths and patios
  • Removal of compost and general garden waste
  • Removing any unwanted plant from your garden
  • Proper disposal of the garden garbage, which we collect

Our gardeners will remove all the weeds from your garden, pile them on one place and dispose them properly. All garden wastes like leaves, stones, branches will be removed from your garden. Our staff will cut all trees and bushes, which you want removed from your garden. They will be taken away from it. The hedges and shrubs will be trimmed and shaped, your patio and garden path will be cleared of the moss, mildew, weeds and built-up. The different garden waste will be sorted and prepared for recycling, where this is possible. All areas in your garden will be cleaned and cleared of the garbage, weeds and unwanted plants.

Use our garden cleaning services, provided in London and on your disposal every day, including in the weekends. They will make your garden maintained in a clean and nice condition, and rid of all unnecessary plants and wastes, before being transformed into an open green space or restyled.

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