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Do you want just to sit on a chair in your garden, listening to music, reading a book or just sun bathing? But without the hard work a big garden wants in order to be nice and comfortable. Then all you need is our employees’ professional gardening services, they will help you maintain the state of the green areas in your house. You will find our offices in London, more particularly in Bromley, BR1. If you are not living close by but you still want to try our services we advise you to call our phone operators who will be happy to help you place an order.


  • Hedge & Bush Trimming£60/h£45/h
  • Lawn Mowing & Weeding £60/h£45/h
  • Tree Trimming£60/h£45/h
  • Cutting Large Bush£60/h£45/h

You really fulfilled the promised top-quality gardening and everyone at my home is thrilled and happy. – Antoinette

Lawn Mowing BR1, Bromley

Lawn Mowing from Top Gardening Services

You have the perfect big garden where your children could play, run free and enjoy the summer afternoons. Only if you could maintain it properly, of course. If you do not have time to make your garden suitable for a good playground then leave it to the professionals. Only one call and we will come and at least do the lawn mowing which is so important. If you want, however, to see the whole range of services we offer- why don’t you come to our offices in Bromley, BR1, London? Do not waste time; your children could have already started playing outside.

Top Gardening Services:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Removing Weeds
  • Tree Trimming
  • Landscaping
  • Professional Gardeners
  • Affordable Prices

Hedge Trimming Bromley, BR1

Hedge Trimming from Top Gardening Services

Properly maintained hedges are not only a great way to have some more privacy in your outdoor area at home but are also a super beautiful addition to a household. However, their maintenance requires good care and time, both of which many people are unable to give. Have your garden transformed by calling us and ordering our professional hedge trimming services. Our company is among the leaders in the gardening business in London and we are the number one agency in Bromley, BR1. We have been serving the area for many years and providing all of our clients there with excellent hedge trimming services.

Gardeners in Bromley

Gardening in London from Top Gardenig Services

Do you feel overwheled by the work at the office- not feeling able to do anything when you get home, you cannot even find the time and the power to take care of the once beautiful garden you have? If this has happened to you- it is time to turn to us and our offers for garden services. You call us and we do all the hedge trimming and lawn mowing you need- and all you will be doing after getting home is jus relaxing in your garden. You will find our offices in Bromley, BR1,London. But if you find it easier for you- you can contact us through the telephone numbers provided.

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