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Welcome to Top Gardening Services London

home_picYou have just moved into a new house and you want to turn the outdoor space into a beautiful garden, full of greenery and fancy flowers, but your are not particularly aware how to achieve this. Then you definitely need us. Our company will provide you with various types of gardening services, no matter whether you are located in London or any other part of London. Our gardeners are well-trained and skilled enough to turn your garden into a magnificent recreation place and to maintain its perfect condition. Contact our customer support centre and ask for more information about what we offer. We guarantee that we can and we will help you!

Give us a call at 020 3745 5183

Our Gardening Services
icon_calendar Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm


Hedge & Bush Trimming (Team) £60/h £45/h
Lawn Mowing & Weeding (Team) £60/h £45/h
Tree Trimming (Team) £60/h £45/h
Cutting Large Bush (Team) £60/h £45/h

Our Professional Gardening

The exterior of a given house is the first thing that a stranger notices. This is why it is as important to maintain its excellent condition as that of its interior part. And we guarantee that our expert gardeners are perfectly able to accomplish this demanding task. They have received excellent training and are particularly experienced in the provision of all kinds of services.

And here is a list of some of the things we offer:

  • Lawn mowing and edging for the fresh look of your grass areas
  • Mulching, so as for your soil to be taken proper care of
  • Landscaping and design for a bountiful and appealing garden, full of greenery and flowers
  • Trimming for the perfect shape of your trees and shrubs
  • Weed and pest control, so as for these uninvited guests to be completely eliminated
  • General maintenance, provided on a regular basis

Mind you, our list of services is even more comprehensive. You only need to contact us and ask for more details. You also need to know that our gardeners are supplied only with eco-friendly, non-toxic products, for we are all environmentally conscious. What is more, they will always clean after they have finished their work.

Call our customer support centre, available seven days a week, and talk to one of our consultants. They are extremely competent and always keen to help. Book with us and we will design for you the garden of your dreams and will regularly take care of it, in order to maintain its impeccable condition. Feel free to make an appointment for any day and any time of the day you find fit. We operate day-to-day and we cover all addresses in London as well as in all other areas within the territory of London.